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Look at what I did

2009-12-01 07:41:53 by tyufgo

I made a Teddy Bear on paint.

Look at what I did

I'll start to made music

2009-11-08 09:58:55 by tyufgo

I'll start to made music....
What do you think? I already made one, but it's awating approval. If someone wants to join and made a music with me. You're welcome.

New pics

2009-10-28 15:04:44 by tyufgo

Hi guys, I will start to made paper animationas with my pics of zombies, police officers, kids, men, women...
I will try to made it quick.
It will be my first animation like Pencilmation, but not with the pencil.

About the game

2009-10-15 16:33:46 by tyufgo

Please if you want to made part of my game team contact me in a PM or to my email -
If I continue at this speed it will only be ready in 2010, but if someone help me it will be very soon.
My team don't have many members but they are good progammers and they made good scripts, but the game is very big and it's hard to work so many...
It's life, hard work and good reward.
I hope I can submit it in 2010, because I don't know if some error can happend.


2009-10-05 07:53:59 by tyufgo

Hi, I'm new on NG.
I started to work on a game named Aod stories, RPG style with mages, elves, dragons, warriors and much more.
Our team is not big but we have EA games helping us.
If someone want to join please contact me.